Available courses

Students will visit a variety of art museums across the state of MN - either personally or electronically.  Students will report on the art mediums displayed.  Students will have the opportunity to create a MN art catalog or a product representing the work of a MN artist as a final project.

In this course, students will create a job seeking portfolio - including job seeking resources like personal data sheets, sample application forms, resumes, letters of application and interview resources.

In this course, students will read three books in a "Child Called It" series by David Pelzer. Students will analyze character development as a result of the events in his childhood and how they impacted his adult life. A variety of writing activities as well as reading comprehension strategies will be addressed in this course.



Students will complete a variety of fitness activites while maintaining a weekly fitness log documenting their activities.

In this course we will explore American Civil Rights as outlined in the US Constitution and Bill of Rights and how, when and where they have impacted our country and our citizens. 

Students must have teacher approval and a current job to enroll in this course.  Students will address specific work related skills for their current positions as well as skills that will be used over the course of their working lives.

Media Literacy – the ability to “read” and interpret information presented in any format is a vital skill for every person in the 21st Century. This one-trimester course focuses on building Media Literacy skills, communication skills and thinking skills using cinema as a vehicle. Students will be expected to engage in online forums; participate in oral discussions; research, prepare, present and lead a topical discussion; and write Screening Reports and Screening Reviews to demonstrate their level of critical and appreciative thinking about the cultural and artistic importance of the films viewed.

Here is where we will collect information for the Viking Leadership Council.

Media/Technology Clerk: Jaime Burnside

Media Specialist/Technology Integrationist: Amy Carney

This is a collection of resources as compiled by Mr. Stevens to support the work of students, parents and staff.

In this course students will learn how to use audio recorders and editing software.  They will create audio segments which later will be included in a class created podcast.

A collection of resources for students using the North Branch Area Middle School media center.

This is where North Branch Area Middle School Leadership Team Materials will reside.

This is a collection of resources for use in 5th Grade Social Studies

This is a 6th grade, year-long course aligned to MN State Academic Standards. It is a collaborative effort by over a dozen MN School districts.

Special Education Compliance training.  This course is designed for case managers who serve in special education.

This course is designed for the beginning Moodle user to become familiar with the basics of how to set up a Moodle course.

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